Product design, 3D modeling, and manufacture for
Industry: Health

The opportunity started organizing their "Share parties", in which companies allowed their employees to donate blood in a single event. After the donation and with the objective to spread the will to donate among other people on social media, a photo was taken to the donators holding their blood bag. The company was looking for a holder that could make the "bag showing" more friendly to invite others to donate too.

The project
For this project we created a blood bag holder that made blood donation "sexier" on social media. After sketches and validation, final design was laser cut on acrylic and assembled to hold 400 ml of blood inside a bag.

My role
Creative director, together with a team of engineers, industrial designers, and the client.

Key contributions
/ Overall project lead and relationship with the client.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and product design.
/ 3D model generation.
/ Supervised and supported product manufacture by CYO's creative staff.

Successful product development and manufacture, well-accepted by the market, rising by 15% blood donation during the period it was used on social media.
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