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Industry: Ceramics, Home

The opportunity is looking to end-to-end develop products that offer a "go with the flow" lifestyle. As part of the catalogue and going with an organic/natural concept, coffee cups are one of the star products the brand is looking for, regarding an original design able to be replicated throughout production.

The project
For this first phase of the scalable and long-term project, we created the first collection of coffee cups. We started by sketching some of the potential designs that match the brand vibes. After that, we vector-designed the products and 3D modeled them. This let us 3D print the products with a 15% greater scale, important factor that will let the final cups have an appropriate size because of the reduction factor during the process. Molds were created from the mother pieces and the first cups were produced to evaluate glaze design. Finally, after all the prototypes were validated, we started the first badge production ready to go to market.

My role
Creative director, together with a team of 3D artists, ceramic master, designers and production staff.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the team its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and cups profile.
/ Created sketches for concept validation before entering to modeling stage.
/ Directed 3D model generation as well as supervised 3D printing.
/ Collaborated on glaze selection and design.

The project is still in progress, and we've been able to develop the design, prototypes, molds, and the first production badge.
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