Marketing campaign audiovisual production for INNOVASPORT
Industry: Sports, Fitness

The opportunity
To position the benefits of exercise during COVID and start 2022 with a solid brand awareness related to this concept, Innovasport (one of the biggest sports retail stores in Mexico) wanted to launch a strong marketing campaign for digital and physical placement, involving its strongest brands (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma). We worked together with Brands & People to produce this campaign and help Innovasport to reach its goal.

My role
Co-Producer, casting, scouting, motion graphics, and photography edit.

Innovasport, Brands & People, Chino Lee and Arturo Campos (GH ST), and talent.

Key contributions
/ Identification and scouting of locations for the production.
/ Coordinated the casting, selection of the talent and contracts for image use.
/ Developed the production plan and coordinated it during the filming and photography sessions.
/ Operated the camera for some shots and helped with creative decisions during production.
/ Edited the photographies, with color and details correction.
/ Animated Innovasport logo and graphic titles for the videos.

The project was delivered on time, published on the official sites (website and social media), printed and distributed on 100+ physical stores around Mexico on large format, as well as the videos were used on stores TV's and screens, social media and website. Great customer satisfaction was an outcome of the project and national impacto to increase company's sales regarding pandemic exercise.
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