LATAM Design System lead for Stori
Industry: fintech

Due to confidentiality, deeper details may be lightly mentioned at an interview conversation or at a work-related project signing an NDA. Here I share a brief of the project and my contributions.

The opportunity
Upon a rapid growing pace, new needs identified, new markets exposure, and opening countries, Stori needed to provide solid, consistent, and high value products that could really differentiate against competitors and help users to solve their needs.

Efficient, reusable solutions should be developed to let every company squad reduce their design and development cycle times while focusing on discovery and fast delivery. How can we enable a powerful framework significantly reduces the company costs by million USD per year and enables rapid iteration to add greater value to the market?

My role
As LATAM Design System lead I started leading the art direction of DeLorean, our new design system based in atomic design. While co-designing 100+ components to be used by all the company designers and engineers, I defined the cross-platform strategy, roadmap, OKRs, and governance protocols. Reviewed every Figma flow with Fer Gil (PD), components requests for fixes, feedback and creation, documenting our foundations, components, and patterns. Became the principal PoC with every designer, PL, TL, and engineer for DeLorean related topics.

One of the greatest challenges of this product has been the team. Due to high delivery pressure, I've managed to lead a team of designers and engineers dedicated to other squads, building in parallel every library, documentation and service to our teams. The main contributors have been Fer Gil (PD), Javier Cervantes (iOS), Billy Bates (iOS), Alquicira (iOS), Bejarano (Android), Isaac Osuna (Web), Barrón (Web), Jon (Brand), and Rodrigo GonPer (Brand). As well, collaboration with every PL, PD, TL, and engineers  from every squad has being crucial for DeLorean delivery into prod with final users.

Key contributions
/ Leading the art direction and complete product redesign of the whole app flows with DeLorean 1.0 (new design system) in Mexico and Colombia.
/ Developing 100+ iOS, Android, and Web components, reducing dev and design time cycles -32% through deeply documented guidelines, top notch Figma library, and efficiently distributed SDKs.
/ Leading consistent and correct implementation of DeLorean’s components, foundations, and patterns at product design flows, dev, and prod environments, empowering collaboration within all the company’s squads for scalability.
/ Building the single-source-of-truth cross-company for DeLorean at Supernova.
/ Developing DeLorean’s governance framework to execute, together with multidisciplinary teams,  iterative research, components requests for fixes, feedback, and creation, as well as communications and release protocols.
/ Leading strong collaboration with international agencies for assets development, components building, and rebranding.
Co-leading Deposits product brand (naming, logo, voice and tone, color palette, photography/illustration/iconography styles, typography selection), and leading the premium user experience.
/ Documenting DeLorean’s components principles, anatomy, usage, behavior, as well as foundations, and patterns, ensuring consistency throughout iOS, Android, and Web.
/ Planning, defining OKRs/roadmaps, coordinating the development, testing, and implementing new products with Agile methodology, obsessed with the customers, always based on qualitative and quantitative research.
/ Understanding our customers and new markets through research (surveys, mom tests, usability tests, A/B testing, benchmarks) and hypothesis validation, to develop/improve our value proposition, user personas and product definition.
/ Presenting and socializing insights at all levels of an organization (from operators to the CEO in English and Spanish).
/ Developing flowcharts and UX/UI wireframes for new and existing products journey improvements/creation, putting the user experience as a priority and mapping all the technical processes involved.
/ Influencing improvements and decision making at a VP level.

Reduced 32% Design Cycle time, shipped the app with 100% of the flows with DeLorean in prod, built the very first official Design System at Stori, supporting multi-product multi-country. Looking forward to increase our NPS and development cycle times (request metrics personally to give an overview due to confidentiality).
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