Product R&D, design, 3D modeling, manufacture, distribution, and marketing for
Industry: Art, Decoration, Home, Entertainment

The opportunity is looking to end-to-end develop products that offer a "go with the flow" lifestyle. As part of the catalogue and going with an organic/natural concept, these dioramas are one of the star products the brand is looking for, regarding an original design able to be replicated throughout production..

The project
For this first phase of the scalable and long-term project, we created the first collection of dioramas, selecting 4 ecosystems that we wanted people to travel to by just looking at them. We started by sketching some of the potential designs that match the brand style. After that, we vector-designed the products and 3D modeled them. This let us decide the best color combination for each diorama before production. Finally, after all the prototypes were validated, we started the first badge production ready to go to market.
Two models exist for each diorama: with and without LED light. Slight notable differences exist between both models but the main one is the cost. The LED model can be turned on/off if the user wants to and is a little bit more expensive, while the one without LED has no cable from behind, reduces costs and environmental impact.

My role
Creative director, together with a team of engineers, industrial designers, and the client.

Key contributions
/ Overall project lead and project planning.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and dioramas ecosystems.
/ Created sketches for concept validation before entering to modeling stage.
/ 3D model generation as well as supervised prototyping.

Successful product development and manufacture. It's now being validated by the market, allowing us to design future new concepts and collaborations.
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