General direction, strategic planning, audiovisual production, and marketing for Fratello Project
Industry: Community development, Social entrepreneurship

The opportunity
The lack of education, health infrastructure, and productive programs are three of the most relevant causes for poverty in Mexico. Assistentialism worsens the problem even more when the government tries to solve it with gifts, short term solutions and false promises.

The project
After a life-changing experience, in 2017 I co-founded "Fratello Project", an NGO with the purpose to empower Mexican rural communities through education, health, and productive programs. We've worked so far with two communities, empowering +250 people at Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Tanquesillos and El Castillo).
For more information on Fratello and our impact, visit our website.

My role
My role as General Director and Community Manager is to create, together with my co-founders and area directors, the NGO's vision, strategy, alliances and community projects' planning for the optimal empowerment.
As well and aligned to one of my passions, I'm in charge of the project's photography to communicate to our allies, organization and the community itself all the progress we're achieving together.

Working on our second community ("El Castillo"), successfully executed the Wanderlust Maps collaboration, COPARMEX entrepreneurship camp for local entrepreneurs, a general health brigade for the whole community, a library stablished for all ages, and 10 children singed up into the Education programs. Right now we're redesigning the programs affected by COVID-19.
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