Award concept, design and production for Tec de Monterrey
Industry: Arts, Theatre, Education

The opportunity
Each year, the best of Tec de Monterrey Performing Arts talent is recognized at the Gala Maldonado, the highest awards on the field at the university. Gerardo Maldonado was a pioneer for Tec's history creating most of what we know today on the Arts department, reason why the awards carry his name. For several ceremonies, the students were given a traditional wall award but at 2016 I reached out with the department to make a proposal of the award's design renovation, making Maldonado's 3D young bust the main icon of the trophy. 

The project
For this project, we created the award concept and after validation, proceeded to the 3D design and modeling. After that, created our 3D printed base head in order to generate a silicon mold for resin casting. Each piece was casted in the mold, given post details, sanded, black-painted and mounted on a wooden finished base with a front, laser-cut, and custom-made acrylic plate with the winners information.

My role
PM, creative director and designer, together with a team of 3D artists and production staff.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the client its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and meaning for the new award design.
/ Created sketches for concept validation before entering to modeling stage.
/ Directed 3D model generation as well as supervised 3D print and silicon mold creation.
/ Supervised and supported trophy manufacture by CYO's creative staff.

Successful and well-accepted project within Tec's artistic community, repeated for further editions, and creating 150+ unique awards for the yearly ceremonies.
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