Smart signal blocking phone case redesign and manufacture for NOMO LABS
Industry: Mobile, Communications, Education, Entertainment

The opportunity
As NOMO LABS started growing in Mexico, a great opportunity for product placement was arising. NOMO LABS founder (Adrian Hinojosa) reached out and asked us if we could help him to redesign his nomophobia smart phone case, allowing customers to focus on their work/school/events while having their phones with them.

The project
The NOMO redesign project allowed us to take the main aspects of each model already on their portfolio and turn them into a modern, friendly and production-efficient case. 
- NOMO VIEW allows users to view their phones inside the case but not use them, using a specific plastic net.
- NOMO TOUCH allows users to partially use their phones but not the camera, using a specific plastic membrane.
- NOMO PRO blocks all signals of the phone with a specific combination of ballistic membranes, allowing users to focus on what they are doing and not getting distracted with their phones.

My role
Creative director and project lead, together with a team of 3D artists, engineers, designers and marketing staff.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the client its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and meaning for the new design.
/ Created sketches for concept validation before entering to design stage.
/ Product redesign.
/ 3D model generation.
/ Supervised and supported product manufacture by CYO's creative staff.

Successful production +1k custom made cases for different NOMO clients, before COVID-19 paused NOMO's operations.
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