Award concept, design, animation, mapping, production and shipping for Tec de Monterrey
Industry: Education

The opportunity
As part of Tec de Monterrey's new education model "Tec21", each year since 2014 all the university's professors gathered on July for a national congress. Here they discussed how the model would be efficiently implemented and how it would add value over the actual one nationally. To recognize all the effort, inspiration and empowerment the professors represented for the community, an innovative award should be created and properly delivered the 1,300+ trophies to the 3 most important campi where the national congress was having place simultaneously.

The project
For this end-to-end project, we created a different kind of award, where the story was told through augmented reality. A tablet represented the technology as an important part of the new education model, but it gets more interesting when through an app an augmented reality video popped up from the physical object and the magic begins. After generating the award concept and design, the animation storyboard, graphics and models were created. In a parallel process, the award manufacture was developed while the 3D animation produced. At the postproduction stage, the animation was matched with the award through engineering and specific target configurations to allow the users to enjoy the final magic.

My role
Creative director and project lead, together with a team of 3D artists, engineers, designers and production staff.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the client its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and meaning for the new award design.
/ Created sketches for concept validation before entering to animation stage.
/ Directed 3D model generation as well as supervised augmented reality development.
/ Supervised and supported trophy manufacture by CYO's creative staff.
/ Presented the award augmented reality demo for all the Tec de Monterrey professors.

Successful delivery of 1,300+ trophies throughout Mexico, being recognized by the organization as one of the most innovative projects at the moment.
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