Product R&D, design, 3D modeling, manufacture and packaging for
Industry: Furniture, Home, Interior design

The opportunity
As part of the creative portfolio of and looking for a sustainable product development, the brand is looking for a concept that involves recycled plastic on its materials as well as a functional and portable way to sit everywhere you want.

The project
For this end-to-end project, we created an RTA stool fully made of recycled PET. After several sketches and having as a priority its portability as part of a sustainability evangelization, we proceeded to a prototype stage in which we are right now validating its ergonomic design.

My role
Creative director, together with a team of engineers and industrial designers.

Key contributions
/ Creative direction and overall project lead.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and supervised product design.
/ Directed 3D model generation.
/ Supervised and supported product manufacture by CYO's creative staff.

Successful product R&D development, ready to start production for market introduction.
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