Transversal product leadership, design, and research for Stori Cuenta+
Industry: fintech

Due to confidentiality, deeper details may be lightly mentioned at an interview conversation or at a work-related project signing an NDA. Here I share a brief of the project and my contributions.

The opportunity
Since 2019, we've lead "The YES revolution" in Mexico, giving access to 2.5+ M people to have their first credit card, when everyone else told them NO. The moment of "The MORE revolution" arrived and we wanted to help the Mexicans to do more with their money, to really grow their savings like nowhere else: Stori Cuenta+

My role
As transversal product lead, I started this new product intrapreneurship with just another teammate (Daniel Sanchez), in charge of the market, industry, competitors, and internal research. After so, I used this qualitative and quantitative data to strongly contribute in the product value proposition definition, flows construction, brand development, and product strategy together with multiple product leads, designers, engineers, marketing, compliance, legal, and other lanes. After more than 15 months, we've finally shipped this revolutionary product to the market.

Starting with just one teammate, after several months we became 50+ Storians developing Stori Cuenta+, all whom which I had the responsibility to connect the dots with and ensure everything makes sense.

Key contributions
/ User personas definition.
/ Qualitative and quantitative research insights through interviews, surveys, conjoint studies, and explorative research.
/ Value prop definition
/ Wireframes creation
/ Flows review with every deposits squads
/ Experience improvement with usability tests and close leadership with every squad
/ Prototypes creation for stakeholders review, usability testing, and press releases
/ Mockups delivery for massive marketing
/ Motion graphics videos to launch the product upon OC and press releases.
/ Product brand definition with the Brand lane (color palette, responsive logo, typography, voice and tone)
/ Photography styles definition
/ Icons and illustrations styles definition
/ Product website design and lead
/ Compliance definitions lead and implementation throughout all the product flows
/ Domain strategy and usage definition with multiple stakeholders upon SOFOM-SOFIPO change of control and high impact regulatory implications
/ OKR definition, roadmaps, plannings, and rollout plans.

Successfully delivered product (request metrics personally to give an overview due to confidentiality).
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