Telemedicine program design, validation and alliance with Tec de Monterrey for Fratello Project
Industry: Health, Medicine, Services

The opportunity
Fratello Project is a non-profit organization focused on Mexican rural communities empowerment through education, health and productive programs. Among the communities the organization works with, a common factor is the lack of health services and doctors, which translates into great problems when an emergency or a simple medical requirement is needed.

The project
In order to solve this lack of a rapid and practical medical checks, we developed a telemedicine program together with Tec de Monterrey for the Fratello Project communities. The framework had to be low-cost and easy to implement in every community, so we designed 2 models for its deployment: pre-recorded/group sessions and live/individual sessions, both of them conceived mainly for prevention. A special translucent screen is used to project the video (pre-recorded or live) in which the doctor interacts with the patient, having a black background and making the hologram illusion. The main difference between both cases is that in the live session, together with the special translucent screen, the projector, speakers, a computer, and internet, a camera and microphone are also required at both sides of the call.
First, a general community health diagnose was conducted in order to study the problem and solution viability, while the hologram technical development was having place. 

My role
PM, Creative director and project strategist, together with a team of engineers, audiovisuals, doctors, volunteers, and the community.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the allies its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Project management in collaboration with Fratello Project Health Director.
/ Program co-design for the hologram implementation together with the actual Fratello Project health programs.

The program is validated with the community and ready to be implemented, the government is working on the wi-fi configuration for it to be able to run and help thousands of people.
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