Industry: Food, Transportation

The opportunity
After developing Perlag Imports new characters, the company wanted to renew their trucks with them. We were asked to do the redesign and to introduce them in this new communication strategy.

The project
For this project, asked the client for the information he wanted to be present on their transportation and for the printing dimensions in order to develop a design that worked correctly with its brand compliance. The characters  were involved in both sides and in the back, as well as their social media accounts, contact phones, partner brands, and their logo.

My role
Creative director and designer.

Key contributions
/ Project management and lead, defining with the client its scope, objectives, budget, planning, resources, time, execution, launching, and landing.
/ Conceptualized visual direction and product design according to the new characters graphic line.
/ Created the complete truck design.
/ Supervised its correct print and inclusion to the trucks.

Successful truck branding, with positive response of the client and its international customers.
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