Fratello Project
After a life-changing experience, in 2017 I co-founded "Fratello Project", an NGO with the purpose to empower Mexican rural communities through education, health, and productive programs.
We've worked so far with two communities, empowering +250 people at Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (Tanquesillos and El Castillo). My role as General Director is to create, together with my co-founders and area directors, the NGO's vision, strategy, alliances and community projects' planning for the optimal empowerment.
For more information on Fratello and our impact, visit our website.
Juntos Podemos
In 2018, "Juntos Podemos" started as a philosophy inside "Fratello Project". Then, it turned up into a sustainability platform in which for 2 years we worked together with different NGO's, companies, government and amazing human beings.
The three most relevant projects we developed were:
● Juntos Podemos Podcast
● Amazon project w/ TWC
● Playa del Carmen marine conservation project
Juntos Podemos Podcast
Amazon project (Brasil) w/TWC December 2018
For two weeks, we lived together with Vauda's family and implemented a diagnose with São Raimundo's community in order to understand their needs, strengths and weaknesses.
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